From the very beginning, every time the DollarFund idea was shared, most people would say, “Can I give more? I’d give more than just $1 per month!” The answer we gave was, “No. We want the message to be clear. We want to keep it simple. We want everyone participating to give, but more importantly, we want them to share and encourage everyone they know to join in.”

But, we recognize that there are some people who still want to do more. People who know the potential this idea has. People who caught the vision and who will do all that they can to help make it a sustainable reality. If you’re one of those people, and you feel compelled to give more, this is for you.

To keep things simple, we’re offering only two other options. Each option is still only $1, but you can choose how often you want to give. You can choose to give $1 per week, made as a recurring $4 monthly donation. Or, you can choose to give $1 per day, made as a recurring $30 monthly donation.

If you believe in our mission and want to do more, this is how. Click one of the two buttons below to go all in with your support.

Connecting the world through millions of $1 donations.