Submit the application below, and our Board of Directors will review each applicant based on whether your organization’s mission involves one of the six cause categories we’ve established: feeding the hungry, quenching the thirsty, healing the sick, housing the homeless, parenting the parentless, or freeing the slaves. Tell us about what you do, and how DollarFund can help!

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COVID-19 has presented our nation with new and unprecedented challenges. It's left many of us trying to figure out how to help. At DollarFund, we'd like to do our part. Nationwide we're seeing our schools close. These closures impact over 20 million students that receive free breakfast and lunch at school as well as another 1.8 million who receive those meals at greatly reduced rates. This leaves parents desperate to not only find childcare so they can work, but left trying to figure out how to feed these precious kids. All March gifts will go to feeding these children around the country. Please consider joining us for the first time or making a one time donation to increase our impact!

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