Our December Gift - Australia Fires

The donations from the month of December are going towards helping with the devastating Australia wildfires that are destroying parts of the country right now.

Jan 10, 2020 | Blog

Our December Gift – Australia Fires

First of all, we just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that supports DollarFund. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we are so thankful each of you have chosen to partner with us. This month, we are putting your donations towards the work for relief of the Australia wildfires and the impact it is making as the fires are destroying parts of the country.

As you know, Australia is currently dealing with massive and devastating wildfires that are very large, powerful and hard to stop. There is currently devastating fires in parts of Australia which is driving many away from the area as they flee the wildfire and left behind their homes to seek safety. The impact and devastation of these wildfires affect the people in these areas deeply and it takes time for the people, community and cities to recover. We are heartbroken for all the loss and devastation that is taking place in Australia and we are happy to partner with GIVIT as they work to help with the fires.

We are so excited to partner with GIVIT and support them in their efforts to help the wildfires and help the state restore after the devastating effects and aftermath. DollarFund is happy to support them as they help the victims, firefighters and communities that have had to deal with this terrible disaster. GIVIT is an Australian organization that matches donated goods with items that are specifically requested by victims of the fires. People have asked for things like car batteries, fence posts and gas pumps. They are always quick to respond and go to the site of wildfires to help those effected and we are grateful for the work that they have done and are continuing to do in Australia.

GIVIT is an Australian not-for-profit connecting those who have with those who need, in a private and safe way. They work to alleviate poverty in Australia by ensuring every community service provider has what it needs through the simple act of giving. They makes giving easy by allowing us to see exactly what is required by vulnerable community members. GIVIT supports all agencies, services and charities in Australia who work directly with impoverished, and vulnerable people. 

GIVIT is one of the only reliable sources of exactly what is needed in disaster response and recovery in Australia. They work with local charities, community groups, the state government and councils in an affected area to help them obtain exactly what is needed, when it is needed. GIVIT matches donation offers with identified requests from a storm, fire, flood or cyclone affected region, thereby eliminating the need for organizations to store and sort unexpected donations. 100% of funds received by us during a disaster are spent on urgently needed items, and wherever possible, the items are purchased from businesses in the disaster-affected area to assist recovery of the local economy.

With our growing community of donors, we’re ready to help fund the true forces of good in this world. All it takes is $1. We welcome you to join us and share this message. Do you know of any non-profit organizations you want DollarFund to potential give to in the future? Let us know by nominating them and we’ll consider them for future gifts.  

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