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A look at what you did in 2020 | DollarFund

A Look at What You've Done in 2020

As 2020 has come to a close and we step into the future of 2021, we are reflecting on the amazing year we have had!
This year would not have been possible without YOU! Thank you so much for all you do to partner with, support, and share DollarFund with your network, friends and family. We couldn’t do it without you!


Jan 4, 2021 | Blog

A look at what you did in 2020

As 2020 has come to a close, we are reflecting on the amazing year we have had! This year would not have been possible without YOU! Thank you so much for all you do to partner with, support, and share DollarFund with your network, friends and family. We couldn’t do it without you!

Let’s take a look back at all of the amazing work you have been able to make possible this year with your donation and the donations of others all over:

  • Live Red Foundation – DollarFund is excited to have partnered with Live Red Foundation which uses fitness to empower and equip youth to create a successful future for themselves and their communities. Live Red does this by offering free fitness programs which teach 8 core life skills to under-served communities. These programs are funded through our premier kids races which promote fitness in all communities. The Live Red Foundation provides free fitness programs to children in underserved communities. The 8-20 week program’s purpose is to use fitness to teach 8 essential  life skills to kids. Live Red wants kids to believe they have a future where they CAN. They want kids they walk along side of to believe they can accomplish great things, change their situation, and change their community. Research supports the idea that children involved in fitness-related activities have a greater chance of success through improved social skills, self-discipline, confidence levels and self esteem. The 8 categories that are focused on are: Taking a Risk, Setting Goals, Self Discipline, Perseverance, Self-belief, Self-control, Owning Mistakes and Mindfulness. 
  • Nashville Tornado Relief – There were very large and powerful tornados that came across Music City and other parts of central Tennessee. The storm ripped through Middle Tennessee early Tuesday morning, knocking out power for nearly 50,000 customers, destroying homes, businesses and schools and damaging some of Nashville’s popular attractions. The tornado drove many away from the area as they fled and left behind their homes to seek safety. The impact and devastation of the storm has affected the Middle Tennessee community deeply and they are still recovering. We are heartbroken for all the loss and devastation that took place in the Nashville and other parts of Middle TN as an effect of the deadly tornado. Since we have DollarFund donors/family in the effected areas, we thought there was no better place to help out this month in light of this devastating news. We are so excited to partner with the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund and support them in their efforts to help Nashville, and the surrounding Middle TN areas effected, as they help to restore the cities and communities after the tornado. The the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund will support Middle TN as they help the people that have had to deal with this terrible disaster. Their work concentrates on delivering vital services while they connect generosity with need and helps the community set out to rebuild lives. They are always quick to respond and go to the site to support the affected communities. We are grateful for the work that they have done and are continuing to do.
  • Feed the Children – COVID-19 has presented our world with new and unprecedented challenges. It’s left many of us trying to figure out how to help. At DollarFund, we’d like to do our part. Nationwide we’re seeing our schools close. These closures impact over 20 million students that receive free breakfast and lunch at school as well as another 1.8 million who receive those meals at greatly reduced rates. This leaves parents desperate to not only find childcare so they can work, but left trying to figure out how to feed these precious kids. All March gifts are going towards feeding these children around the country. We are excited to partner with Feed the Children and support them in the work they are doing to ensure that starving children who are vulnerable and unsure of where their next meal with come from during this pandemic. Feed the Children is taking action to ensure our neighbors aren’t forgotten. They are supplying community partners (like food pantries and soup kitchens) with the bulk items they need to help people. Feed the Children is working every day with community and corporate partners to ensure that no child goes to bed hungry. Whether it’s through door-to-door home delivery, or drive-through pick-up of food, water, and essentials, their community partners are finding new and effective ways to make sure that families get what they need
  • Convoy of Hope: COVID-19 Relief – DollarFund is so excited about supporting Convoy of Hope and partnering with them and the amazing work they are doing to help others and provide great relief to the COVID-19 pandemic. Convoy of Hope’s Disaster Services team is consistently among the first to respond to disasters at home and around the world. They serve millions of people affected by natural and man-made disasters every year through partnerships with local churches, businesses, government agencies, other nonprofits, and our incredible donors and volunteers. The affects of this virus have been devastating and heartbreaking as so many people are sick, dying, lost loved ones, need medical help, without jobs, in need of supplies for relief, and so much more. Convoy of Hope has stepped in since the beginning of this to help bring relief during this devastating time. They have provided millions of meals to those in need, truckloads of food and water, millions of pounds of relief supplies, and more to people most affected by the coronavirus.
  • No Kid Hungry – It’s a chaotic and stressful time. Our neighbors are in need of food and essentials to help them make it through the current crisis. So many vulnerable children rely on school meals and feeding programs to survive. As schools and businesses around the world are closing due to COVID-19, millions of children have had their access to food and meals uprooted. We want to ensure that during this crisis children don’t go starving and without access to food. We want to do everything possible to take action and fight this as we work to feed the hungry. We are excited to partner with No Kid Hungry and support them in the work they are doing to ensure that starving children who are vulnerable and unsure of where their next meal with come from during this pandemic. America’s kids need us. Millions of vulnerable children are losing the healthy meals they depend on as the coronavirus closes schools nationwide. No Kid Hungry has a plan to feed them, and you’ve been able to help this plan with your donation to DollarFund.
  • Operation Underground Railroad – DollarFund always has and always will take a stand against human trafficking and slavery. We want to free the slaves and see this come to an end!⁣ Modern day slavery and human trafficking is very real and a very large crime that happens all over the world. No one should ever be exploited for profit! DollarFund is taking all donations given during the month of July and putting it towards efforts to help bring freedom to slaves, rescue people being trafficked, raising awareness of this issue, and education on sex trafficking. We are in it to end it! DollarFund is proud to partner with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R. Rescue) as we work to help end human trafficking and free the slaves. O.U.R exists to rescue children from sex trafficking. We are so thankful for the incredible work they do! Operation Underground Railroad paves the way for permanent eradication of child sex trafficking through coordinated rescue and recovery planning.
  • Preemptive Love – At the beginning of August, there were disastrous explosions in Beirut, Lebanon. We want to be apart of helping in this part of the world where this is so much suffering. We want to put the donations from the month of August to helping with the explosions in Beirut. These people need our help! Read to hear about the organization we are partnering with to help in Beirut! YOU are making a difference in the world! Preemptive Love is a coalition stretching across Iraq, Syria, the United States, and beyond, working together to unmake violence and create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Preemptive Love has been working to help Beirut since the explosions. Your donation from the month of August is helping Beirut recover from these devastating explosions. The help and work being done is amazing!
  • Doors to Freedom – DollarFund is committed to giving organizations that are fighting against the horrors of modern-day slavery. We are so excited to announce that from the donations in September, DollarFund donors have been able to give to help bring freedom to those in need. Doors to Freedom provides a safe place for survivors of sex trafficking to experience a transformed life. Doors to Freedom lovingly supports each individual as she overcomes her traumatic past and receives total restoration: body, soul, and spirit. They are committed to providing a place for these girls to call home. Through academic education, life skills, personal growth, and vocational training she will find a new life, restored hope, and a beautiful future. This organization believes truth is essential for freedom. Knowing truth and understanding truth gives meaning to the value of life. Understanding your value restores dignity and offers a new perspective on life. The right perspective restores hope and allows one to dream again for their future.
  • Water@Work – When was the last time you had to worry about where to get clean water? Have you ever had to worry about your water supply? For most of us, water is something we take for granted in our day to day life. But for 663 million people around the world, access to clean water can’t be found. Water@Work’s Mission: To transform the lives of over one million of the poorest people in the Dominican Republic through clean water distribution plants, business development, and access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through ten years of experimentation, collaboration and refinement of our model, we are now able to bring a holistically Christian, economically sustainable, locally led, and technically strong solution to the Dominican Republic’s clean water shortage. Water@Work currently has seven robust water plants operating. Together they are producing an average of 135,000 gallons per month and serving the needs of over 9,000 people. 
  • Pure Hope Foundation – Pure Hope Foundation has set their sights on combating human trafficking. Their method of rehabilitation combines personal, social, and faith-based practices so reclaiming the story of the girls and women they host is key to their success. With a focus on restorative care, survivors are taught life and vocational skills such as eco-therapy, nutritional education, culinary arts, financial planning, and much more. Pure Hope offers not only techniques to cope, but a safe home in which to do so. They identified a gap in transition from stability to embarking back onto the pace of everyday life and filled that void with the Hope Home where they provide survivors a safe place to transition back into a regularly paced life.

You have been able to help in these ways and so many more! Your gift partnered with thousands of others gifts is really helping make a huge impact all over the world! You are a part of helping to feed the hungry, quench the thirsty, free the slaves, heal the sick, house the homeless, parent the parentless, and so much more! Your gift is one that keeps giving over and over each month.


As we have closed the year of 2020, we want to let you know about the opportunity you have to make an even bigger impact with the way you give to DollarFund in 2021 and this next decade. YOU sharing this movement with everyone you know- friends, family, network, co-workers, peers, etc- and making sure they sign up to give JUST $1/month (only $12/year) will make a HUGE impact in this year of 2021. Thank you for being a part of this movement! We hope you have a great start to the New Year!

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