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FAQ | DollarFund



What is DollarFund?

While most organizations focused on dollar amounts and a few big donors, our Founder realized the richness of influence and network, along with the desire of all people to help others. He wanted to create a way for generosity to take shape.

DollarFund is the fruition of this calling. To create a platform in which everyone is able to make a difference, no matter the size of their bank accounts.

$1 every month from 1 million individuals to give to 1 cause.

So that everyone can help, and each organization is empowered to do monumentally more than they could before.

It’s community taking action, together.

Where does my money actually go?

DollarFund will be giving our first gift to a charity in need as soon as we reach our first million dollars in donations. At the end of each month, your dollar will join millions of other dollar donations, and go to a vetted organization in need.

Can I donate more than a dollar?

Yes! …and no. The only option above $1 a month is to give $1 a week. $1 will still go directly to the chosen charity of that month, and the other $3 will go toward supporting DollarFund’s operating budget.

Thanks for helping us do what we do! DollarFund isn’t possible without generous people like you.

How much of the dollar makes its way to the charity of the month?

If you choose to include the $0.22 gateway fee, 100% of your dollar will reach the chosen charity!

If you forgo the fee, $0.79 will be donated.

How do nonprofits get chosen to be recipients?

Each month’s charity is reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors, based on performance, efficiency, and impact.

How does my nonprofit apply?

Submit an application, and our Board of Directors will review each applicant. Tell us about what you do, and how you believe DollarFund can help!


Connecting the world through millions of $1 donations.