The Power of Community

Making large impacts through small fellowships.

Feb 28, 2018 | Blog

The Power of Community

Within every tragedy, there are stories of bravery. Ones of friends, neighbors, and even strangers rushing towards the danger to help during the most desperate times. We saw them in first responders during 9/11, marathon spectators running TOWARDS explosions during the Boston Marathon bombing, and men and women with boats, navigating the flooded streets of Houston during hurricane Harvey. In our most desperate times, communities are born. DollarFund is on a bold mission to bring aid to the world’s needs every month, but we would never be able to do so without first building a network of like-minded souls with an urge to be part of something big.

Community is defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, emotions, and goals.

Fellowship. What a beautiful descriptor.

A fellowship must have a thread that tethers it together. One that doesn’t unravel with ease. They are not built by proximity and similarity interest, but of shared passion. It is a feeling of connection to others.

Donors like Ethanie Faith Defoe are proving to be a shining example within our community.

“I thought DollarFund was a brilliant idea!”, says Defoe, “It is such an easy and affordable way to donate to wonderful causes on a regular basis. I love seeing the $1 contribution hit my credit card every month! It reminds me that I am a part of something bigger than myself. My dollar alone can’t really have an impact, but my dollar combined with all of the other generous donors can truly make an impact.”

Ethanie has been a proud advocate for DollarFund since the beginning and recently donated a cash raffle prize in its entirety.

“When I won the raffle, I didn’t really feel that the money was mine. I have been so abundantly blessed that I wanted to pay it forward. Knowing that many of my friends and colleagues also support the Dollar Fund, it was an easy choice.”

“There is so much hate and divisiveness in our world today.  The Dollar Fund allows people of every race, religion, and socioeconomic background to contribute equally to a greater cause.”

Progress is the result of clear and effective communication. A community is made up of both speakers and listeners and provides a space, whether it be physical or virtual, to truly connect. Social media groups and online meetups have made the world more intertwined than ever, though these tools also make for easier loitering. Success is achieved with vocal and active participants, as significant change in the world has been propelled by communities and their willingness to be heard.

Even small communities are responsible for some of history’s most significant changes. A few college kids with a knack for coding revolutionized the way nearly all of us communicate.  About 20 artists in 1400’s Italy ushered in the artistic renaissance and altered the course of art as the world knew it. And a small handful of men and women boycotting the bus system in Alabama began what is now known as the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and 60s.

We want to create a community of givers; one that is proud to be a part of something making life-changing differences for people all over the world. We want to help facilitate connections that surpass any border or barrier. We want to see CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and kids with paper routes stand shoulder to shoulder to make life better for someone less fortunate. In our community, we are all truly equal, and we want to see that spirit flourish.

DollarFund isn’t about donations alone. It’s about building something, brick by brick, dollar by dollar, that signals to a world in need that we are here. That something big is on the horizon.

Connecting the world through millions of $1 donations.