Our January Gift - Live Red Foundation

Every dollar you gave in January goes directly to creating hope for children in at-risk communities through Live Red.

Feb 20, 2020 | Blog

Our January Gift – Live Red Foundation

First of all, we just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that supports DollarFund. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we are so thankful each of you have chosen to partner with us. Every dollar you gave from the month of January is going directly to creating hope for children in at-risk communities.


  • 39% of Richmond children live in poverty (18% national avg)
  • Children who live in poverty…
    • Face cognitive & literary challenges
    • 38% drop out of high school (5x more likely)
    • 77% don’t go to college
    • 84% remain impoverished by late 20s


  •  Children involved in sports and fitness…
    • Have improved social skills & self-discipline
    • Are less likely to commit crimes or use drugs
    • Have higher levels confidence & self-esteem
    • Despite the value, children living in poverty are 3x more likely to be inactive!

Live Red Foundation

The Live Red Foundation uses fitness to empower and equip youth to create a successful future for themselves and their communities. Live Red does this by offering free fitness programs which teach 8 core life skills to under-served communities. These programs are funded through our premier kids races which promote fitness in all communities. The Live Red Foundation provides free fitness programs to children in underserved communities. The 8-20 week program’s purpose is to use fitness to teach 8 essential  life skills to kids. Live Red wants kids to believe they have a future where they CAN. They want kids they walk along side of to believe they can accomplish great things, change their situation, and change their community. 
Research supports the idea that children involved in fitness-related activities have a greater chance of success through improved social skills, self-discipline, confidence levels and self esteem. The 8 categories that are focused on are: Taking a Risk, Setting Goals, Self Discipline, Perseverance, Self-belief, Self-control, Owning Mistakes and Mindfulness. 
An additional aspect of the program is to identify kids within these community organizations that Live Red can mentor, teaching leadership skills. Live Red’s goal is to then have kids become role models and leaders within their community. They want to build strong relationships with the kids, the community organization, and through partnerships with organizations like ours, DollarFund, to bring communities together. 


Every dollar you gave to DollarFund in January goes directly to creating hope for children in at-risk communities. Every dollar provides funding for new Live Red Foundation programs in these communities which teach children essential life skills and inspire them through fitness. The need is so great with 39% of Richmond children living in poverty. Your dollar will have an immediate impact.

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