Our February Gift - Ukraine Crisis Relief

The donations from the month of February are going towards Ukraine Crisis Relief

We are proud to be partnering with Global Giving as they have been helping tremendously with the relief efforts from the war and crisis happening in Ukraine. 

Mar 7, 2022 | Blog

Our February Gift – Ukraine Crisis Relief

First of all, we just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that supports DollarFund. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we are so thankful each of you have chosen to partner with us. This month, we are putting your donations towards Ukraine Crisis Relief. Our hearts go out to Ukraine, and all of the families who are living in conflict and unrest.

Russia has invaded Ukraine in the biggest state-against-state attack since World War II. Millions of civilians are caught in the middle of an escalating war and humanitarian crisis, and casualties are rising. Your donation to this fund will support Ukrainians in need, with a focus on the most vulnerable, including children.

Eight years of armed conflict in eastern Ukraine has already killed thousands of civilians and put millions in need of humanitarian assistance. Full-scale war in Ukraine is having catastrophic consequences. More than 1 million people have fled Ukraine in response to Russia’s invasion, and millions more could follow. The COVID-19 pandemic is an added challenge for communities where violence and uncertainty takes a heavy toll.

All donations to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. GlobalGiving’s local partners are bringing relief to terrified and displaced communities, and they need resources to continue their life-saving work.

Your donation to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund will provide:

  • Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees
  • Health and psychosocial support
  • Access to education and economic assistance
  • And more

GlobalGiving has been responding to disasters and supporting emergency aid and long-term relief programs since 2004. They have facilitated more than $100M in disaster donations to funds just like this one. We are proud to partner with GlobalGiving and the work they are putting in for Ukraine Crisis Relief.

With our growing community of donors, we’re ready to help fund the true forces of good in this world. All it takes is $1. We welcome you to join us and share this message. Do you know of any non-profit organizations you want DollarFund to potential give to in the future? Let us know by nominating them and we’ll consider them for future gifts.  

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