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Our March Gift – Miakwadang / CCM | DollarFund

Our March Gift - Miakwadang / CCM

Find out more about our March recipient, Miakwadang / CCM, and the amazing work they are doing around the world.

Apr 9, 2021 | Blog

Our March Gift – Miakwadang / CCM

First of all, we just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you that supports DollarFund. We couldn’t do what we do without you and we are so thankful each of you have chosen to partner with us. We are excited to partner with our March recipient, Miakwadang / CCM, and the amazing work they are doing around the world. Every dollar you gave from the month of March is going towards bringing hope, help and healing to people in emotional, physical and spiritual need.

Miakwadang is a holistic village development program in South Sudan. It is based on the partnership from person to person, from heart to heart, in mutual respect and appreciation.

CCM serves some of the world’s neediest people-the forgotten, left out or marginalized.


Agriculture / Food Security

The soil in South Sudan is very fertile. Large millet fields, community gardens and demonstration gardens have produced rich harvests of vegetables, fruits and millet. To encourage self-sufficient supply, teaching units are held in the fields.

Education / primary school / adult education

The first high school graduates have already emerged from the very simple village school. Students in secondary school receive support and care. Numerous training programs can be downloaded from an internet-independent server.

Health Promotion / Disease Prevention

The focus is on health education with presentations and hygiene education as well as instructions on healthy eating. The African Medicinal Plants project produces Artemisia, used for malaria prevention and treatment, as well as effectiveness in Covid-19 and Moringa, the “miracle tree”, extremely rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Microcredit / microbusiness.

Business start-ups are supported and cooperatives are founded for economic, small-scale development. From the idea to the application for start-up support to the search for donors to implementation is the consultancy path. The aim is independence as soon as possible.

Art and culture

This area requires a high level of cultural sensitivity. Production of local jewelry, crocheting, knitting, tailoring of clothes brings women into independence and the diverse accompaniment to literacy and calculations means for many women significant personal development


Many women had to experience terrible things through the chaos of war and are often single parents with several children. A particularly vulnerable group, but people with great potential if they can overcome the trauma and learn in a secure situation. Tailoring, restaurant, bakery, tea house, etc. Allows family income and advancement

Children / youth

More than half of the population consists of children and young people, who represent the hope of the young nation. Kindergarten, school, art afternoons, football, music with brass instruments, a- cappella choir, school meals, introduction to digital media and much more. Conveys development of the next generation with great potential in a educational and playful way

Hearing impaired / blind

The most vulnerable population groups include people with disabilities. They are difficult to integrate into the work processes and encounter a lot of incomprehension. The sign language courses enable integration into society and the discovery of dormant potential. 


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